How WordPress Conflicts Hurt SEO

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    This is from a story that just came out on

    Do you know if your wordpress plugins are competing to display your on page seo?
    There are many many themes and plugins that try to help WordPress site owners with their SEO. Specifically on page SEO.
    Sometimes these things don?t play well with each other.
    That means that search engines might be showing page titles, descriptions, and keywords for your site that you didn?t intend!
    Here?s a real life example
    Today I logged into Google + to share a link to with my ?circles.? When I used the ?link? icon and entered the info I realized my page title was wrong. That might not seem like a big deal to you. To me though, it?s a big one.
    Your page title is how people on other websites ?see you? online.
    It?s what people see on Google.
    It?s what people see on Facebook.
    It?s what people see everywhere.
    If your page title doesn?t read well you?ve lost that visitor. Maye even forever. Your page title (and description) is an ad. It should be written as one (with a keyword sprinkled in for best results).
    Eventually I figured out that my theme (Thesis) and a SEO plugin (Yoast SEO) I?m using were fighting over which displayed my meta title, description, and keywords. The plugin was winning that battle and the page title I wanted as written in my Thesis on page SEO area.
    To fix the problem I copied the correct title and description from Thesis over to the Yoast SEO plugin. Crisis over.
    So, how do you find out if your on page SEO is being displayed right?
    Well here?s a Google + quick and dirty trick to find out.
    1. Login to your Google account and head over to your Google + home page.
    2. Click the link icon next to the ?share what?s new? text field
    3. Analyze your page title and description.
    Is that the title you were expecting to see?
    If not you might want to examine your WordPress setup. Do you have a theme and a plugin that both handle on page SEO factors? If so login and get that optimized title in the right spot so your links are read the way you want them to be.
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    thats why you gotta know what your doing and test the plugins.
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    Interesting.... i have a question - would you say having a wordpress site is easier for SEO purposes?