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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by scorpa, May 30, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    I am somewhat new to affiliate marketing, but I have taken time to read a lot of stuff and I just finished build my first website. I am in a huge niche, so far I have about sixty pages with each ranking for a unique keyword. I know it might be too much for me as a beginner, but I can't back out at this stage. For the past few weeks I've been adding contents to the site and I am now ready to promote it. Let me say here that I wrote two articles promoting one of the products on my site about three weeks ago, and one resulted in a sale two days ago. I did not even build any backlink to the articles, all I did was to submit them to Goarticles.

    My question is this, if you were in my shoe how will you build backlinks to the site?? I know I have to start building backlinks gradually to avoid Google ban. If I decide to build 30 backlinks daily, do I have to build for each of the keywords daily ??? Should the daily backlinks include article submission, video, PR, and PDF, RSS submission and social bookmarkings ???If I have a huge list of high PR blogs and forums that I can build links on, can use the same list to build links to all my pages (keywords) ???? I just subscribed to a VPS that has scrapebox, AMR, Tweet Attack and SEnukeX.

    I need a good and workable daily link building plan. I will be glad if the experts here can give me a good advice. ​
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    I think you are in the wrong forum and hopefully a moderator will move this thread to the appropriate area.
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