How we hack social science with a polling app

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    Hey guys,

    My mate and I just launched a survey app where players answer polls on subjects such as politics, ethics, sports and sex. With every answer, they see how their own values and opinions compare with others. The surveys act as a comprehensive personality test that gives the user feedback about what makes him or her special and unique.

    Later on we want to cross-reference all this data so we can predict societal trends for market research and social science purposes.

    Which survey topics would be interesting to you?
    Any feedback or ideas on which marketing channels could work?

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    - I see little use for it for a user. There must be something u get out of an app and this one doesnt give u much. Is a bit like a trivia where u discover things "e.g. 1 in 8 americans are immigrants" and you find out what other people think or like
    - I see it has some gamification with the XP but is poorly thought/implemented. In short i dont give a shit about that XP because is of no practical use. In a game XP is a currency, here is not. In a game for example XP is what allows u to unlock a certain item so u advance.
    - Some questions are moronic, some are boring, some don't fit what answer i'd give. Answers sometimes are interesting - to see what others think.
    - Lacks the X-factor- that thing that attracts you to open the app and spend hours on it.
    - Idea itself - dont find it to have potential

    Functionality suggestions:
    - Polls as a list... hard to find a topic you might be interested in. A search function would be useful (mimick google app store UI).
    - Also u should have tabs like "Your friend's poll" for polls that ur friends took.
    - After poll finish u should have a "See what your friends answered" (keep it anonymous ofc - no names and only show that after 10+ friends answered so u can't invite one friend and then from that find out he's gay). Also you should have an option to make ur answers public for friends (name appears). Also an "invite a friend" to take the poll u just finished.