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How unique is unique?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by minimo88, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. minimo88

    minimo88 Regular Member

    Dec 23, 2009
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    United Kingdom
    So how unique do videos have to be?

    I mean does the first 30 or 50 seconds have to be unique and the final 30 or 50 seconds?

    Does Youtube mind if I copy videos from daily motion, meta cafe and other vid sites? Will it still be able to distinguish that it is unique due to it not being found in its database?
  2. Dagreyon

    Dagreyon Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 1, 2011
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    You have to change the video enough to the point where their system will not recognize the video as already being update. There are several things that go into that, which you can find by using the search feature here. Change the pitch, change the file name, change the video up, etc. etc. the more you change, the less likely they are to know it's a duplicate