How to withdraw Brave Browser Rewards?


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Jul 26, 2017
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Hey guys Just want to know how can I withdraw my rewards on brave. I'm still confused here.
So I installed brave browser in the past hoping to make money thru BAT tokens but it was worthless (for me) so I stop using it and uninstalled it.

Today, I see a youtube video about Brave browser again and installed it to see if I can make good money from it. After installing I remember that I already installed a brave browser in the past and saved the wallet key. After opening the wallet key I see that there was a reward on it and my question is how can I withdraw the rewards from "chrome://rewards/" to ""?

I already search on youtube and google but did not find the exact answer to my question and hoping someone here might help me.

From here:

To here:
You can't.

You can only give "Tips" to content creators

Currently they cannot provide Cashouts, otherwise their whole system would be defrauded and crash. They are planning to do it slowly in the future, so save those tokens.

Or you can become a creator, tip yourself and cashout out that way. But I am not entirely sure if it is that simple
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