How to use Proxy for Outlook or Groupmail

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    I know about TOR and other Proxies for Surfing the Web or Web Based email. But what about if I'm using Outlook or Group Mail client to send mail. How do you use proxies for them?

    Also, I'm not a spammer, but I may have a project where I'd still be sending out some thousands of emails to a list. Group Mail has a function where you can time it, and keep in small batches, so as to stay below the radar on the ISP. I've been suspended in the past by an ISP who knew I'd sent out a batch of emails and thought I was a Spammer.

    Once I figure out how to do it behind a proxy, I still guess I have to be careful with how much I send and how fast, so as to not raise red flag. Or would the proxies somehow hide me? I not only want to be behind a proxy. I want to be untraceable!

    While we're at it, if anyone has knowledge or experience with how to use skype or similar service in a secure way, but from the standpoint of IP and also encryption, then I am also interested in exploring that, here. It's not about breaking laws, but it is about Privacy!

    Who's got some experience here, would be appreciated.

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