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    Hello Everyone,

    This is Vishal. Last time i created a thread and i have received very good response from you guys. Thanks for helping me.

    Since the beginning i am bit confused about proxies. Can you guys tell me how to use proxies for twitter accounts. As i am following people on android mobile device how can i use those proxies to mobile.

    How you guys managing those 100s or even 1000 twitter accounts by just different proxies. What is your strategy if you start from the scratch to build solid twitter following and drive website traffic? As i am a musician myself. I tried many times to drive traffic from twitter but most of the times my accounts get banned.

    If you have your twitter strategy then i want to drive atleast 200 people each day to my squeeze. I want that traffic from US only. I am targeting all major pop stars such as Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus and so on. My budget is $50 a month. I can pay 50 dollars for this service. So is there anyone who will drive targeted twitter traffic for me? I want 6000 twitter traffic monthly from United States.

    I can also improve my budget as per your suggestions. Thanks for the support.
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