How to use proxies scraping??

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    This is a newb thread just looking for clarification. I read the short guide on how to set up a proxy, (just for clarification im running windows xp and using chrome) some questions first:
    1) I am guessing that i set up the proxy in the internet connections correctly because when i log into google its taking me to the google local page somewhere in africa where the proxy is located. Is there any other way to check?
    2) I read alot of people mentioning proxies for scraping, what is scraping? is this that you set up a proxy and once behind the proxy wall you can use your bots for e-mail scraping to compile the e-mail list? is this what the scraping mentioned is referring to?
    3) what happens if i dont use the proxy? will my ISP cut off my internet service? will my e-mail account be flagged/shut down by gmail? in theory would one use another e-mail service that does drip once the e-mails have been scraped? mailchimp? awebber? (im not even familiar with these e-mail software systems so any amount of information would be helpful and not extraneous as i am almost a complete newb to all this).
    4) how would i know if my e-mails are actually getting out and not being blocked or not even sent by gmail? what is the best way to send mass e-mails?
    5) what is the difference between setting up the proxy through chromes settings or going to a list of proxy servers where there is just a search box on the page and you type in the website into the proxy search bar? would using both methods at the same time be even more secure?

    MODs please excuse if this is posted in the wrong section. also i will of course be complying with all internet laws so this is just for educational purposes only of course.