How to use AWS Cloud to Mine Monero?

Venom Panther

May 17, 2019
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I have 10k$ of AWS Cloud credits and more than 500 vcpu limit in instances . I want to know if it is profitable to mine crypto on this? Please guide if anyone is doing this..
They stopped allowing that years ago.
How they monitor your processes on own servers ?
I tried it on multiple AWS, but unfortunately, I can not run from suspended. Then, once a time, I have another $1000 AWS credits, first I spend my credits to host multiple website in it, and several CPU for running mining, and luckily it run until the credits out. I think do not use all your cpu for mining, use half for something else, and half for mining. Good luck
Its very hard on VPS. But the thing is they cant monitor everything. In most cases, monitoring is done by process name, then detection system is activated. Find a way to alter the name of the software you use and its processes and make them not to contain anything monero related. On top of that dont use all of the CPU. Unless they manually enter your VPS and investigate it, they will hardly every know about it.
I have 10k$ of AWS Cloud credits and more than 500 vcpu limit in instances . I want to know if it is profitable to mine crypto on this? Please guide if anyone is doing this..
how to get 10k credit?
you will get ban. most people will tried to make hosting service. i dont know what happen.
can i use one credit card for more than one aws account
Make sure you aren't maxxing out the cpu usage at 100% and keep it fluctuating and between 40-70 for best results.
But a good and easy to use miner with those features and no detections is hard to come across.
How they monitor your processes on own servers ?
I also want to know this, and is there any way to hide this thing

Well, firstly, a machine for AWS or any other cloud host does not really belong to you. So, you know, you can't do whatever you want over there ;)

Secondly, what you get is a VPS, a virtual private server. Notice the virtual part? It comes down to your host having a server tower consisting of racks or blades. A rack or a blade is just like your regular PC but of a compact size and with specially designed hardware that will host one or more CPU on a motherboard with an enormous amount of RAM and storage. So you have that powerful machine but instead of renting it out as a whole (expensive for the end customer), you can divide it into multiple virtual machines (cheap for the end customer), which is done using software. This allows you to scale up or down these machines on demand, quickly boot them up and rent out to customers terminating when no longer needed. Basically a very effective utilization of resources.

So, when you have that virtual machine rented out, you will need to have all sorts of tools to ensure that everything is running smoothly but that also means that you can have tools that ensure that nothing fishy is going on and here's when processor monitoring comes in. Since they have the control over virtualization, they are the ones who truly have control over your VPS.
its easier to detect mining than hosting pirate site.
I have 100k usd of aws credits and still thinking of the proper use where i can turn these credits into real cash. Any ideas?
Once you max out your CPU 24/7 they'll 100% know you're doing something that's against ToS
Suspension is what i fear the most
Provide web hosting services to people using their EC2 instances. :D I cannot think of anything else atm as I don't depend on other people for utilizing my credits. You can create sites for yourself and try to rank them. Try to learn ML and deploy your content generation models. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be knowledgeable.
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