How to use 90% unique content generated using TBS?

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    Let's suppose you have somehow managed to create 90% unique spun article using TBS.


    My 2 questions are:

    1) How many web 2.0 properties should be created for backlinks?


    2) Can we use the content for the money website? If yes, then how many article version can we be used? (in this scenerio, 90% unique article will only be used for money website and not for backlinks. For backlinks new spun article will be used but not this one.)

    And here is my tip of creating 90% unique article using TBS.

    1) Create one article of 450 - 500 words
    2) ask your writer to rewrite each para of your article 3 more times. So, if you had 4 paras then after rewriting you will have 4 multiply by 3 = 12 paras
    3) now spin all 12 paras, just make sure that you spin 4 version of 1st para then spin 4 version of 2nd para and another. This will help you to maintain the flow of the entire article.
    4) Now try to spin line using TBS
    5) Now try to spin every word at least 3 times. (it is not 100% possible to spin every word but try to spin and at the same time keep the article readable)

    90% unique spun article for sure.