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how to triple your optins using lead generation homepage

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by mackrood, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. mackrood

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    Nov 16, 2016
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    I have studies some blogs of smart bloggers and webmaster and found out they have designed their high converting page to cature the leads.

    Because the hompage is the most visited page in the blog. and has the highest conversion rate. if you want to stand out and do the same you need to

    .Write Good Content that engage readers
    . Highly effective call to action
    .professional photo of yourself
    .an incentive with massive value
    . better blog posts that are unique

    Writing Good content :

    How can i make my content stand out :
    I think there is no better way than writing something unique and new to stand out. everyone wants more readers, visitors and leads. and people keep asking several questions about getting traffic. those who ask about getting traffic, are not getting enough visitors from search engines then there are hundreds of ways. But we need to focus on one traffic source, master it and lear how it works and find the best strategy to entire readers with our content.

    For instance if we want to Go about Gues posting then We need to find influencers who have large audience. then engage and interact before we send any pience of content. But it could be hard for some people to write highly engage content then other ways such quora, medium and facebook groups could be a big option.

    Social Proof
    When You Use social proof in your blog. people feel you have been featured in authority blog and you have something of value to share with them.

    92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, families and people they , like, know and trust

    3 in 4 americans read online reviews before determin which local business to use.

    that's how social proof helps you stand out and make more revenue. its about sharing good value with the community. if you have been guest posting in big brands then using lead generation page which iam going to show you and make.

    Write strong call to action :

    strong call to action is necessary to show people what your lead magnet about and to entice readers to take action. nobody can read your content unless you give them a reason.

    i want to post more content here but i have included my blog post in signature above to read more about this valuable post that teachs you how to build a lead generation for free. and also some proven strategies.