How To Track CJ Commission's (Keywords etc...) With Google Analytics?

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by voidale, Dec 8, 2012.

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    How should I go about tracking keywords + keywords that converts (SID?) With Google Analytic?
    I know you can do it with Prosper202 but I would like to do it with analyitcs, Anyone can help me with that?

    What I was able to figure out so far:
    You can use CJ's SID add them in the end of your Affiliate Url
    Adwords gives you the option to find out the keyword with ?kw={keyword} or something to your LP.

    Now how do I do this:
    Ok so user entered my site I know he came from the keyword "flowers", How do I pass it on to CJ? If I get a commission from the same person? My website doesn't have any links on the first main page only inside the posts...

    Idea: use some php session to carry around this keyword and have all links with sid=$variable?

    Anyway I'm already confused! Need you help :)