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How To "Teach" Scrapebox Learning Mode Poster? How To Use It To Post To Contact Forms?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blackhaze, Oct 14, 2014.

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    It is my understanding that the scrapebox learning mode addon can be used to find contact forms.
    I am trying this but my success rate is VERY low. Most of the time, the learning mode poster tells me "failed detecting form".

    I also have not the slightest idea about the "learning" aspect of learning mode addon, not one bit of information how it can actually learn or how it can be taught new platforms? Where does the "learning" come in?

    In a nutshell, what I want to do is scrape various sites' contact forms (if possible not ONLY Wordpress) and then submit on those contact forms.

    (I am using "Your Name (required)" "Your Email (required)" "Subject" "Your Message" inurl:contact as a footprint). This is the same footprint another contact form submitter software uses. When I check the harvested URLs, it shows proper Wordpress contact forms. But it still can not post there, most of the time.