How to structure content in my website


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Feb 1, 2012
Hello all!

I will be building a niche website with a lot of information (10k-20k words) on specific subject. This will be my first legit white hat long term site, also with programmer on board for software development that will be sold on the site.

I have done some keyword research and I have some questions about writing content for those KWs.

I can write a lot of information on this keywords but some of them will overlap, especially due to Hummingbird. So thats my first question: How to write content that overlaps with other content in the same website?

Other thing I have never been able to fully solve is how to structure this information. What do I put in home page? Do I make a navigation? I won't be adding new articles after I finish the initial content. Can anyone provide any information, links or books on this subject? The issue here is not actually organizing the information for reader but rather organizing it for reader and the search engines.

It sounds like you need to a lot more research. 10k words may seem like a lot but its really not. I write 2k words of notes just to familiarize myself with a new topic. So yeah, a small authority site is at least 50k words!

First off each page should target 1 keyword group meaning if there are two keywords that are different yet mean the same thing you should put them both on same page. It should never overlap.

You put content on the homepage

And if you don't plan on adding more content after your first bit, you won't get anything. No rankings no traffic. That's just not enough content to give you anything. Mini sites don't work too well anymore.

Your navigation/structure should enable the reader to easily move through your posts.

As for books, your kinda of asking where you can learn this stuff on a forum built specifically to teach people this stuff.

As you can tell I'm vague as you clearly haven't spent any time trying to learn just looking for people to tell you everything just because you asked. And around here, if you ask something that's been explained well 100s of times before people aren't really too willing to answer your questions.

I suggest you look up phpbuilts guide on building authority sites.
Quick way i suhgest is that you take a look at the top authority pages or websites in your niche to give you a hint on how you can structure your content. It wil be very easy for visitors if you have a list of recent posts or something similar.
You can interlink the different post of your blog also try to give one Authority site links from each post.
Just follow this link
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