How to start utilizing social media and web 2.0

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by eternalfrost, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Apr 9, 2011
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    I am pretty new to IM, only been doing it in spare time for a few months now. I have some blogs up and running that are starting to bring in some nice money and continuing to grow. But I feel as if i am hitting a wall...

    Up till now I have been using only twitter (tweet attacks) and scrapebox for comment backlinking. I have pretty much mastered these.
    I am looking to expand out to web 2.0 pages, article publishing, and facebook. These things have been mentioned by basically every post ive read here in the past months, but I am finding actual info about doing it a bit lacking...

    So this thread is looking for any practical advice on
    -how to hook up a blog with facebook, for direct traffic, backlink, and 'likes'.
    -how/where to set up web 2.0 pages
    -how/where to start mass submitting articles

    I realize thats sort of a big and broad request, but at this point anything will help, even if it is just a pointer to good software, ebooks, or posts.
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    Hey man!

    For web 2.0's - pick up a software like Linkwheel Bandit. You can get it from the "items for sale" section here.

    For articles you'll want to use something called Article Marketing Robot. Best article submitter out there imho.

    Hope that helps!