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    Guys, I need help with my Clickbank account. I need great suggestions and Inspiring thoughts that surely help me make money in clickbank. I invest but I fail investing that site I hate the most. >.<
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    You can find some suggestions using search option above to give you enough ideas to move ahead.
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    What alot of people don't realize with clickbank is that alot of your money won't come from first contact with the product but by your subscribers list. When you hear about people making thousands of dollars through clickbank products it's usually either being the product creator and having other affiliate promote their products or through promoting other peoples products through their email lists either through products found of JV Launches.

    Thats why it's always a good idea to create a landing page based on ONE particular problem that the product your promoting deals with. Lets say your promoting a weight lose product which deals with dieting. One of the major problems people who diet encounter is cravings.

    Build your webpage around what causes cravings, the hormones which trigger it, times of days which people are most likely to get cravings BUT don't explain how to combat it. Outsource someone to write a short 4-5 page PDF which goes overs the same info as your webpage but a little more indepth then how to combat those cravings but also highlight another related problem which you use to direct people to the product your promoting. This does 3 things:

    1. You get a subscriber to your list.
    2. You promoted the product two fold, once on the site and once in the PDF.
    3. Gives you another link to point back to your site as you can use the PDF on doc sharing sites.

    I hear you say, "it's all well and dandy but you have to send regular emails to these people to keep them interested and build credibility". The easiest way to set yourself up to send out regular targeted emails is to sign up to various other lists in the same niche using an email just for your weight lose site.

    You then take the emails which you think will work best, spin them and then send them out as your own. Over time you'll build up enough of your own knowledge on the subject and will be able to write your own emails which you can use to send out useful information and promote products. The secret to keeping your subscribers to send out more FREE information than pushing products.

    Don't expect it to be an over night plan though, it will take a few months to set up to where you can make a stable income, but if you have various email lists for different niches you can make really really good money.
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    the above information is very useful, i will definately give a try on it. I hope to succede for sure , but the only thing is , it takes some time .
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    Clickbank is a great place to start as an affiliate marketer. Choose your niche and product you want to promote. Scan through the Clickbank marketplace for ideas. It can be easier if you choose something you have an interest in yourself, but it is not essential.

    Do some keyword research, and find keywords in your niche that have a relatively high number of searches, but relatively low competition.

    Set up a simple website reviewing your chosen product, and add an optin form to collect subscribers you are interested in your niche. Give people on your list lots of useful information, build a relationship with them, and occassionally promote products that you think they would find useful.

    Keep adding content to your site, optimized for your chosen keywords, and drive traffic to it through article marketing, forum posting, social marketing, etc.

    Just do it step by step, and you'll soon find that these sites are very simple to set up - and can be very profitable.
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