How to start an instagram account ?

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    Hi guy,

    I want to launch a viral instagram account in Fashion niche. My goal 1 million fans in one year (sounds crazy)
    I already have few instagram accounts in my professional niche (5K, 8K, 10K), and one "just for fun" (10K)... these niches are not viral but I already make money by provinding profesionnal services.

    I just want to try something viral, just to prove to myself that I can do it. I work with another guy in fashion industry that give me the content, and have just to post it, and find tricks and methodology to grow up the account exponentially.

    I open the account yesterday :
    - short, memorisable, not generic username, that can be a brand (I bought also the .com)
    - nice logo (I'm photographer and designer so it's easy for me)
    - uploaded 10 quality pictures on the account (retouched on photoshop)
    - all pictures have the same theme (little logo center on the bottom)
    - no hashtag
    - start with one picture uploaded every day

    I put the account on instagress just to have few followers to start (follow/unfollow + like, no comment). I think I will stop at 1000 followers (I don't really like the follow/unfollow method). I also make a list of different usernames & hashtags on this niche to target people.

    I'm thinking to use also Facebook to attract people to instagram (but Facebook desactived the instagram caption that redirected people directly to Instagram app). So I have to find a different way (I already know what to do I think)

    If someone is good on instagram, can you give the different steps to grow up an account ?