How to setup SOCKS5 proxy in Ubuntu Linux? I am stuck Help Please

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by ravinder07, Feb 10, 2016.

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    Hi BHW members, I want to host my own socks5 proxy in my ubuntu vps. I start using ubuntu yesterday and i try to set up my socks5 server but its not working.

    Here is what i did.

    I installed Ubuntu 15.10 x64 in my vps. When i boot my vps. Ubuntu start in terminal mode. I installed dante server with command "apt-get install dante-server". Then i configured dante server with by opening configure files with command "nano /etc/danted.conf" there i did few changes.

    I uncommented following lines :

    internal: eth0 port = 1080
    external: eth0

    method: username
    user.notprivileged: nobody

    client pass {
    from: port 1-65535 to:

    pass {
    from: to:
    protocol: tcp udp

    And saved it by pressing ctrl+x
    then i restart dante server by command "/etc/init.d/danted restart"

    And then i put my vps "ip address" and port "1080" in firefox socks5 proxy setting and clicked OK.

    But its not working. Nothing is loading. Whats wrong i am doing. Please help