How to SEO Video Youtube ?


May 26, 2016
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Hi every one
I'm want to increase viewers for your video.
Please please help me on how to increase the view is free
I have optimized and standard video channel, but do not know SEO Video SEO\
Thanks so much!!!
Great article here on how to tag your video with keywords etc. It is really easy to optimize videos -
Great article here on how to tag your video with keywords etc. It is really easy to optimize videos -
Thanks your support.
But I have onpage my video youtube. So How to earn viewer ?
embed video on website then build links to that site not directly to the video, then high retention views and comments related to the keywords for youtube
Yeah. Good idea. We returned SEO keywords for website link ;)
Keywords in title
Kickass description
Awesome meta KWs. At bottom
Mind blowing thumbnail pic
Good intro or outro video asking to sub.
Use cards and in video links to direct to other video.

There you go keep building good videos and build subscribers in channel and should have lots of virals in no time.

Read the post in youtube threads and learn
Title name- Make a good and eye catching title name for your video. so that users will attract towards your video.

Playlists- Lot of YouTube users don't realize that playlists are a great way to increase your video views. so add playlist to your videos so they automatically play videos one after the other.

Thumbnail Picture - Make awesome thumbnail picture that also attract the viewers.

Subscribers- Subscribers are the another best way to get more views on your videos. After all, the people those who subscribe to your videos are ready and waiting for you to upload new videos.

Description- Make a describe about your video and give your link to the description.

Social Media- Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter and any other social sites.

Sharing- As soon as you upload your video on YouTube start sharing it with as many people as you can, so that the popularity of the video gets high and it helps to make more views.

These are all the way to get more views on YouTube.
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Blog comments with links related to your video and more keyword research will help you to increase ranking for your video.
Also try to promote your vidoe in social media to get good ranking.Good luck!!!
I think you have to do KW research on your videos.
And make the good description about your videos.
Make social sharing it the best way to increase your views easily.
If you have interest in paid service try Google Adwords
Choose a best picture as a thumbnail where you can attract the visitors.
Make sure that you used relevant keyword from that you know your audience is actually searching for when they go to YouTube.
Think about the visitors before making a title that makes them click on video.
Create a relevant content that describes your video.
I think optimize tag and keyword on each video can help your video discovered by search engine robot and human.
200-300 word video descriptions! Also be sure to optimize your channel as much as possible (links, keywords, etc)
A great video, like a great website, is always step one. embeds on websites, backlinks to those embeds, then high retention views and engagement wiil beat any other strategy 9/10 times
Some really interesting pointers for Video SEO.
Anyone have a current list of sites where I can embed a youtube video. I have searched this site but the lists I have seen are all old with many dead domains
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