How to SEO a SMF Forum?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by B. Friendly, Nov 25, 2012.

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    First, yes I have used the search feature and there's nada, zip, nothing on this.

    So this question starts out when I install my first forum using SMF (Simple Machines Forum) software, based on a recommendation from someone here on this forum. So I naturally register at the official SMF support forum and during the course of my learning there I discover that the culture there (the SMF forum) is very skeptical about the idea that you can SEO a forum. They have a sticky prominently displayed there saying something like "Forum SEO is a Myth".

    Which frankly, pisses me off. Because when I read this sticky, it becomes apparent to me that it is really nothing more than a rant against all the false and over-exaggerated claims SEO's may have made over the years, and since they were all false, the Stickie's author concludes that "Forum SEO is a Myth" which I interpret to mean "It is impossible to SEO (artificially elevate or promote) a forum".

    Which sounds like 100% bullshit to me. Had the guy given any evidence that he understood SEO at all, and spelledout exactly why it can't be done, I'd be more willing to believe it, but when 5 year olds rail against the literary merit of "Moby Dick", we have a credibility problem.

    So, here I am posting at Credibility Central. Assuming the standards for Forums are different (are they), are there any white papers, authoritive aritcles, etc... to support this? For my purposes, I"d like to narrow the discussion to "General Discussion on SEO and Forums" and "SMF Forum Software and How to SEO It". There's Mods, etc... for SMF that could be talked about, but I'm not interested in other forum software's, etc...
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    Isn't SEOing forums kind of like SEOing websites?
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    Thanks for sharing tips