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How to SEO a facebook account.

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Pceee, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Pceee

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    Jun 9, 2015
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    Hello everyone. Here is a method i found snooping around facebook i've tested it many many times i have hacked plenty of facebook accounts not naming how many. But I'm here as a newbie today to tell you how.

    Step One: Start to talk to your target as normal so.. Hey how are you, etc etc talk about normal things like how are you.. then when you get to the point of saying. "Up to anything?" Then she/he replies "Nm you" Then this is where your first method comes to play. Tell them your just laying in bed nothing much just trying to fix your facebook account but you don't understand these type of things and you need help. Then the reply mainly will be... "Oh what's wrong" Or.. "Oh i can help?" This is how step TWO comes into play.

    Step Two: Once your target has put an offer to help you fix your facebook account you then open a new tab and head over to your settings on facebook. If you go to security tab you will see a part of text saying "Trusted contacts" Click on that tab...Then click Ok and Ok. You should be at a school where its telling you to type your trusted contacts facebook names... This is where you need something called "Inspect element" "Right click on the page and click inspect element" You will then click the text above the box where you need to type in your trusted contacts facebook names, You will them edit the text to something like this.

    Reason will be told why soon.. Ok once you have done that go to your windows button and type snipper tool. Snipper tool the the text you just edit and then send it to your target along with a paragraph like...

    "Ok so i want to change my password right but its saying my emails not working and i have my password on remember me or what ever? So it says i need to do this but i don't get it?"

    Once you have sent something along the lines of that with the img you snipper tooled she/he will then reply with.. "You need to choose someone trusted to send your new password to etc etc"

    You will then proceed to say ohhh i don't get it tho? Ok ok i'm going to choose you but don't hack me or anything because i have personal things on here.. trusting you.... Once this step is complete We will then proceed to step THREE.

    Step Three:

    Once step two is complete you will then need to go to the top of your browser and you should see "facebook/"thereusername" Copy the username then open up a new web broswer.. Once you have done that go to facebook and click forgot password on the login screen page. It will then bring up a search box just paste the username you copied from the url. Once that's done it will come up with a box saying either to send a code to the targets email or the targets mobile phone.. IN THIS CASE MOBILE PHONES ARE ALOT EASIER DUE TO NOT HAVING A SUBJECT TITLED EMAIL SAYING "SOMEONE HAS TRIED TO RESET YOUR FACEBOOK PASSWORD..SO THE BEST OPTION WOULD BE TO CHOOSE MOBILE." Once choosing send code to mobile it will then send the 6 digit password reset code you put in your trusted contacts text box.. So once you have done all of this go to your messages on your other web broswer and say..

    "Ok Ok i think i did it and its saying its sent you a 6 digit password reset code to your phone for me or something the phone that's added to your fb idk.. but it says after i put the code in it will send you my new info but please don't hack me.."

    When really its the "code" that hacks the account..they will not gain anything from you... Ok so once you have done that your target should send you a 6 digit password reset code.. Copy that and go to your other web broswer and paste it into the box.. it will the proceed to tell you to choose a new password.. choose a password and click "keep me logged in" due to the fact it will not log them out of there facebook account and keep it them unaware your on there account. After you have access to there account i suggest you add an email asap so if she/he changes her password at any time your email will always be on there unless she/he removes it, So this means you can gain access a few days later to see what there snooping around/doing.

    The whole reason i thought this would be a good idea due to the fact of me saying "it will then send you my info after i put in this code" "don't hack me" "i have personal stuff" What triggers a part of the brain to tell them oh yeah i want this real bad etc etc..So i tried it and it worked amazingly. i've had so much success now i'm sharing my ways. Good luck guys! sorry for the crappy thread layout i'm a newbie here. Hope to hear from some of you! Thanks!

  2. JohnRipper

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    Nov 11, 2012
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    I thought SEO stood for search engine optimization..

    How does hacking facebook accomplish this?
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