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How to rank YT video on google?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by Blur0, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Blur0

    Blur0 Newbie

    Nov 2, 2013
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    So just as I started with Cleanfiles around 2 weeks ago, I got a huge success in no time.
    I had only 10 videos uploaded, boosted with 3-4k HR views and few had ~100 likes and few comments. The thing is that one video became most popular and was bringing me two times more traffic than all other videos combined. I never realised why exactly THAT video became so popular, it was not even high quality (rather dumb even). So problem is that it got deleted couple of days ago and my 20-50 $ (15-30 Downloads) per day turned into couple of bucks with 3-5 downloads.
    I am uploading many more videos, trying to rank them, boosting old ones even more (some are on 1st, and many on 2nd page when searched) but I am not succeeding.

    I now realised that I can check the traffic from my deleted video and saw this:
    (Can't post screencap)
    Total video views: 11k
    Google - 4k
    Facebook - 2k
    Direct (bought views) - 4k
    The views from Youtube itself, were pretty much nothing, only like 400.
    Other videos of mine are not getting Google and Facebook traffic and that is the problem.
    So can anybody tell me how in the hell did this video generate so much traffic from Google and Facebook?
    What can I do to make this happen for my other videos?
    I did not buy backlinks or anything, I did not advertise on Facebook (just spammed my direct blogspot link in few groups, not Youtube video link).
    Any response is appreciated.