How to rank 3-4 Pages website ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by piter2008, Apr 2, 2015.

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    Hello BHW members. I know Blackhatworld is full of bright minds & I have to admit that I haven't, and I'm in urgent need of help from this community to keep me away from bankruptcy.

    I haven't figured out how to rank New sites after updates last October 2014. I've kept the business up with old sites still ranking, which are being penalized one after another. Now I'm coming to that point that if I don't figure out what's going on I'm totally bust.

    I know that nobody's going to give me detailed ranking blueprint, and I don't expect that. But I would appreciate if those who have figured out how to rank sites lately could give me some pointers and advice what to think and where to look - how to adjust since those last year updates?

    One specific question: How to Rank 2-3 Pages quality content website. Even with spam for 1 month. I just want rankings.

    Anyway, all the tips, help, advice, sympathy, support you can spare here or via PM will greatly help me with my struggles
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    well i will tell you my own experience:

    1- all my websites which were penalized on october was because of highly optimized anchor text (20%+)
    2- ranking of these sites improved after optimizing my anchor text (20% branded and 5% money keywords)
    3- everything working as before, but i m bui'ding links more slowly
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    Hey mate.
    I might help you pass these dark clouds.
    Let me tell you straight, massive spam that used to work before is almost dead.
    What most of the guys around here are doing is some kind of "smart" spam.
    It would have been easier if you could have told me what tools and strategies you are using to rank your websites.

    It usually takes time (2 or 3 months) to rank mid to high competitive niche. At least with my methods.
    If you are using GSA, go with better quality and more unique articles.
    Do more articles, Web 2.0, Wikis and maybe Directories.
    Some social links are OK. Go with Contextual links only.
    Additional Web 2.0s might be necessary, so try some Web 2.0 software.

    Another good think you might consider is finding a domain similar to your niche.
    Do a 301 redirect with this domain to your money site.
    It will be a master move if you can find HQ PBN links and direct them to your money site.
    Anchors are very important as well. You can hear different numbers, but I'd suggest going no higher than 5% per anchor.
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    If your competition has 2-3 page sites it will be a lot easier but if not it will be much harder.

    It will also take you more time, not 1 month for sure unless you have some grade A links.

    I use all contextual links in my tiers and only non contextuals in my last tier.

    You could try some high quality sape links to help out.
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    why not add a bit more content on it to make it 10+ pages? Good content is not that expensive...
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    +1 in my opinion
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