How to protect yourself from adsense and affilate scam

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    How to protect yourself from adsense and affilate scam
    In this article I will try to you vi we feel we especially new bloggers, first I want to quote that there are good ghosts or pyramid companies that operate online. People with poor was being played around the world, but how can you focus those companies which are adsense and affilate scam? This was to focus all is impossible, because we eat daily arises another company website that operates online, among other for the project is impossible to understand. But the good holds here that have professional to understand these tricks fraud. And they do an excellent job by penalizing them, so they publish articles in different blogs citing as ghosts scam company.

    I would advise you to follow these steps, the first work search for available domain names offered adsense or affilate program information, so you need firstly to log in Who is domain to obtain information for blogin offered adsense or affilate program, but this is not only because the domains are very private (hide the data) may be levied or registered with stolen credit cards. So that almost it is impossible to indetifikojm. Remember there is no checklist on these blogs or scam companies devise some tricks ghosts, that their goal is to avail them personally and not just another party.

    Whether you are looking to make money on the Internet from the blog or your other forms "then the solution is this" search in google 1 google adsense, taboola adsense or affilate Programs "but you bim February that like to explore for companies scam (swindlers online) . I will take an example here fanbox is scam companies operating in America and around the world, but how can we know if we? the solution is this

    Entered into google

    Search fanbox scam or legit, then will appear with the best information to declare the scam, so you need to make this choice with all affilate Programs or adsense,

    Browsing name affilates adding scam or legit, I believe that many of you have knowledge of this but fillostaret may be rested on the beds, and fooled for a long time.

    I wrote this tutorial in order to protect bloggers from fraud, if someone has something to add, I would invite you to write to comment
    Author : chaos ( its3c)