How to Promote My Website?

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    Hello Guys,

    I have a website:

    I want to promote it and earn from it. I don't have money at the moment to promote it via ads. I made a facebook page and invited around 1000 friends but only 40 odd joined the page. Please suggest some techniques to promote my site without any investment. It will be a great help.

    Please do help me.

    Thanking you
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    1.) Do general website directory submissions at
    2.) Do niche website directory submissions at
    3.) Submit your website to the two major paid website directories - Yahoo! directory and
    4.) Develop high quality content for your website.
    5.) Develop high quality content for article marketing - 1 link in body - Call to action in signature box with one to two links. Anchor text will be keyword phrases you would like to rank for.
    6.) Develop videos within your niche and market them to all of the top video sites. Submit them with excellent titles, keyword rich description, and keywords as tags. URL to your website should be within the first 100 characters or better so it show just below the videos.
    7.) Ping all marketing efforts with or This includes videos, articles, your social networking pages, your social bookmarking accounts, and anything else you have created.
    8.) Social bookmark all marketing efforts including your entire website. This mean social bookmarking your videos, articles, your social networking pages and anything else you have created. Also bookmark many other websites within same niche.
    9.) YouTube Jumpstart pointed at all YouTube videos to increase views, popularity and overall rankings.
    10.) Add value comments on high traffic blogs with a link back to your website.
    11.) Post classified ads at and and link back to your website with a call to action.
    12.) Use social networking sites to brand yourself and rank for your domain name. Find people in your same niche within the network and add them as a friend.
    13.) Set up your website or blog to auto post latest posts to twitter.
    14.) Use Q & A sites like Yahoo! answers to build up an authority in your industry. It's possible to purchase an authoritive Yahoo! answers account so you have capabilities to post links. Also possible to create questions within Yahoo! answers and choose your own answers as the best answers using proxies.
    15.) Comment on relevant topics within and post a link back to your website to get traffic.
    16.) To gain visibility in search engines use other content sharing sites like,,,,,,,,,,, and Alter, or spin the articles using a good article spinner that will spin 50% of the articles to create new and unique content from your current content.
    17.) Use to help you distribute content.
    18.) Convert aritlces to PDF as well to rank for PDF files using Scribd. This could alleviate duplicate content from not showing in search engines. Google does index PDFs and PDFs can rank and pass link value.
    19.) Convert articles to Power Point. Make them engaging and submit them to slideshare to piggy back on their page rank.
    21.) Submit all of your RSS feeds using RSS submission tools.
    22.) Write and submit press releases on a weekly basis to gain authority and links.
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    @flexnds - Wow, Great Answer!!

    @raryan09 - Those are some great promotional ideas. You should go into the White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO forums adn look at the sticky threads, there are some good ideas and also some good tools that you can use for promoting and also tracking your efforts. Then just start searching through the forums for additional ideas. There are many other threads discussing many methods that can also help.

    I went ahead and tried out your site. I think it is a pretty cool site, but you can completely play and enjoy the game without needing to sign up. Looking at it from the point of being a user, that is of course a much nicer experience, but from the point of getting signups it's not likely to help.

    You might try moving the cpa offer sooner in the game. Either right in the middle (fill out this offer to continue the game), or at the end (fill out this offer to see your score), but somehow they need to have an incentive to fill it out. Most people know that there going to have to jump through to many hoops for the actual cpa offer to entice them to sign up. You need to give them another reason to go to the trouble.

    You could also build a list by having them give you their email address to see the results, and then after the results still push the cpa offer. You still won't get a lot of signups on the cpa offer, but since you'll have their email you can continue sending offers.

    Another thing you could try, if your unable to get more signups even after trying to force it more, is to maybe change your model completely. You have a pretty decent game set up which could potentially get return visitors. Maybe try concentrating on building a great site even more, continue with what you have and add additional games and stuff. Make it a really fun site and then use more traditional advertising like adsense/clickbank/affiliate offers.

    You have a lot going for you with this website. It is a pretty good name, you've found a script for a reasonable fun game. If you can add to that even more you could have a solid REAL site. And then do some marketing from that. Or continue with your cpa idea and just make it more mandatory in order to play the game.

    Good Luck.
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