How to Promote Kindle ebooks?

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    So, I followed Solar2010's idea and started publishing on Amazon's Kindle. Right now, I am running a promo on my book where it's free for 5 days. I'm trying to find out ways to promote this for free or get advice from somone who's done this before. I found a handful of Twitter accounts that promote Indie books and I'm in the queue but I'm not sure if I'll make it on their list before the promo runs out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    There are no doubt many ways to go about it. A couple things might be: visit forums and drop the name of your book (like here, you should mention the name of your book). Even if no one wants to buy it, maybe google will index the name of your book from the forum content.

    If you are into website creation, you could make a site for your book - or make a site for yourself and have a dedicated section on the site for your book(s) that you wrote.

    Twitter sounds like a good idea. I don't see much benefit to you in giving the book away though. I have heard of authors giving the first chapters away ...

    If I were you, I would also link to the book if you mention it in a forum, e.g., I published a book a couple of years ago for the kindle. I have a blog that mentions it here: bastard blog kindle

    You can find my book for sale at Amazon here:
    A Message to Garcia and How I Carried The Message to Garcia [Kindle Edition]

    See how shameless that was? ;)

    Don't post links here, because you can't. But every other forum on the planet you can.