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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by phpfail, Sep 16, 2012.

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    I was wondering how much viral facebook apps are worth now a days and how they are priced? I've been coding scripts for customers and charging by the hour, but if I were to make a script and put it for sale, what would be a good asking price? I haven't sold an app in this way before, and I've been out of the Facebook marketing world for a while, and I don't really see many scripts for sale anymore, or even know where to start if I wanted to make a script to sell.

    So what I'm asking, where is the best place to sell Facebook apps/fan page apps, and what would be a good price? And what factors should I play in when deciding the price for each script? Should I charge more if they come with admin panels? Should I just price them on how long they took me to code? I'm not sure where to begin, so if you have experience selling Facebook apps, please skype me: phpfail

    Thanks in advanced for the tips. If you've never sold Facebook apps before, but you've bought them, let me know how much you paid for them and what the app did. Thanks a lot!
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    Hi bro... I not read all of what you type here...
    The market today is followed by how much bid put on
    And the range still $250 - $500 if unique Idea (can be $1k - $5k if gold idea)
    Standard rate is just $30 - $150 if that App already exist...