How to optimize affiliate program for maximum seo benefit?

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    Im in the process of designing an affiliate program for a website of mine. The website is a web based game with a very strong community that are deeply involved in other similar communities and niche groups. I want to leverage their networks in order to gain both backlinks and traffic.

    The primary goals of the affiliate program are to spread backlinks and draw traffic through the affiliate links. Affiliates will not be payed, but rather receive in game rewards/credits for referring new users.

    What I would like to do is provide each affiliate with a unique link that points to a 301 redirection script on my website. The 301 redirection script will then parse the affiliate links and spread the redirections across a range of internal landing pages.

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    The goal is to spread the backlinks across a range of landing pages in order to target a range of different keywords. Each landing page will target a few keywords.

    Will this work?

    The second issue is I would like to mask the affiliate links to make them more user friendly, rather than ?id=12371023091283. What is the most effective way to do so in terms of maintaining seo benefit?

    Any other tips or insights into creating an affiliate program that maximizes seo benefit would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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