How to Null and Activate Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins [Valuable info]

Festinger Vault

Feb 27, 2014
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Hey guys!

I love to contribute to BHW and I would like to share some handy lines of code to make it more easier to activate premium WordPress themes and plugins. To start with, I'd like to share how to null Yoast Premium plugins:

How to Activate Yoast Premium plugins:

Step 1:

Find the following file using a FTP client, such as FileZilla:


Step 2:

Find the function get_license_status() at line 327:

public function get_license_status() {
$license_status = $this->get_option( 'status' );
return trim( $license_status );

Step 3:

In line 330, change:

return trim( $license_status );


return 'valid';

Et voilà: your Yoast Premium plugins will work. :)

More plugins and themes will follow soon.

Stay tuned.
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Good shares.
Not tried it yet, because i used plugins yoast with license installment already.
Are this still will works after yoast updates?
Thank you for this. What if they have if statements? Or is this pretty universal?

It's pretty universal and should work for all Yoast plugins.

Doctor make for visual composer a tutorial please. Thank you in advance!

Professor, Visual Composer is a bitch, a real bitch. She is not working without direct connection. :(

Dear sir @Festinger can you please null WP-SCRIPT products ..??
It'll be really very helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to WP Script products, so I am unable to investigate this. ;)
Thanks for sharing this. Definitely will make use of it.
How to Activate the Rehub theme:

Step 1:

Find the following file using a FTP client:


Step 2:

Search and select the following code lines 241 to 246:

$raw_response = wp_remote_get( ‘’ . $tf_purchase_code, $prepare_request );
if ( ! is_wp_error( $raw_response ) ) {
$response = wp_remote_retrieve_body( $raw_response );
$response = json_decode( $response, true );

Step 3:

Replace the code with the following code:

$response = array();
$response['buyer'] = $tf_username;
$response['supported_until'] = date('Y-m-d',strtotime(date("Y-m-d", mktime()) . " + 365 day"));

Step 4:

Use any license code you want and the theme is working 100%.

EXTRA BONUS: Demo content is working! :)
P.s. there will be soon a blog on my WordPress Vault website with 100+ tutorials how to null/activate themes and plugins.

Luckily I do not have to bookmark this post for reference since I bought a lifetime subscription.
Did this and Yoast plugin seems the same. Guessing I need to download additional yoast plugins?
Hey bro, if you could give us/point us to a general tutorial or something close on what to look out for and how to go about nulling these scripts by ourselves.. that will make it easier for you and better for us all. Looking forward to hearing from you
The Wp-Script Themes are not that easy, because they rely on the core plugin. All theme options are in there. While it is not that hard to run a theme without the core plugin, you will have to edit the Theme options directly in the database.
@Festinger once you null yoast and make it premium, can you continue to update it on regular basis and remain a premium user? or do you need to do the null exercise every time you update?
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