How to Monetize on my niche?

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    Jan 12, 2011
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    Word around town and my community is that I am good with website building SEO and etc, to an extent it is true
    Now companies and people are coming up to me asking me to build a website for them

    Thats easy for me no problem there, my question is though:
    for businesses who just want a company page and a domain should i make a hostgator account for them (refer) and use a wordpress company blog?
    or one like one of hostgators company webpages

    my other option is some people want to open up an online store
    there are sites like shopify who help with the process but I'm charging these guys about $500 to build one so what would be the best way without them knowing i really didn't do sh** except install some themes and install the database
    are their better hosts then shopify? and what would you recommend