How to monetize my Content and Traffic ?

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    Apr 10, 2015
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    I am now reading around for quite a time but I actually still dont know how to increase my earnings.

    I am hosting a website with 3000 unique clicks per day. Smartphone niche. Users come to my site and download Modifications for their Smartphones (~ 1000 DLs/day , no warez!, about 600 MB per file). Its developed by myself.
    Clicks mainly come from Indonesia,US,Italy,Germany

    I am running some PopUnder Ads with Popads,Shorte and PropellerAds but thats not very effective and I dont want to annoy my users with 100 popups and AdBlockDetections...!

    Do you have any ideas how to earn more without annoying the users ? Some good converting Banners in Mobile niche ? Any help is appreciated...

    Payment should come with Payoneer.