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    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post after lurking around for a while :)

    I have a question for you about placing ads or affiliate offers on my website.

    I am going to make a clone and I am well on the way on coding on the new project. There is only one problem.... ads!

    The site is build lite linkbucks where we have this structure:

    Frame with the ad
    Page content that can be any website possible
    The problem is that if I use google ads I need to add content from the dynamic page and then wait until google crawls my site in order for it to display relevant ads. I need ads / offers served on the fly when the page is generated.

    I have tried with adbrite too, but they require me to a) wait 3 hours for verification of content before showing ads and b) type in keywords for my site which limits the amount of ads I can show

    Another problem is that I could wery well get pr0n sites, and then get banned by the advertisers!

    So should I choose some offers / porn affiliates to continue this project or is there any ad provider which supports dynamic sites?

    There is another technical solution too, but I am not sure if it is legal (or its as legal as googles caching)
    google ads
    <page content scraped and pasted here>
    a small link that says "you are watching a cached version, click here to go to the original page"
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