How to monetise low quality/risky traffic

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    Hi all, my first post YAY!

    Anyway, I have a network of sites and I block certain low quality or ‘risky' countries like China, Russia, Iran and a few others. At the moment I don't redirect those visitors anywhere, they just get a blank page. What I am interested to know is what would be the best way to monetise this traffic? Redirect them to a separate site with ads?

    The amount of this 'waste' traffic has reached the point where its too substantial to ignore and it needs exploiting.

    Any suggestions helpful
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    Throw something such as a Pay Per Click or Pay Per Profile on the blank page. If your going to do Pay Per Profile then iframe the landing page of whatever affiliate you use into the blank page that is already made for the low quality traffic. You might not get a lot of sign ups but you could possibly receive a couple a day so you would make $5-10 extra.
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    You could try adfly. You shorten url, and visitors wait 5sec to get there... In between you get little bit of money. Not much, but it is better than nothing.