How to make monye with PPD

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by hno2005, Jan 28, 2014.

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    HelloI was wondering how people make money with PPD ?For example ,You need to get 1000 downloads for 7$ !!is it really work ? It's not easy to make 1000 downloads . is it ? please help me to get it better and what are the ways we can do it . Thanks
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    Apr 17, 2009
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    it is easy as long as you are able to find a good niche. that is the hardest part of the game where I also fail. Promoting is relatively easy by youtube, forums, facebook etc.
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    It's about scale and consistency. What a lot of people do (what I used to do) is upload 4-5 vids and expect to see a massive payday by the end of the week. When nothing happens or the vids get banned, etc. I'd give up and say "oh well, it's not a working method".

    The right way to do it: Do the same exact thing, just do it every day. Do quality research and upload 4-5 videos PER DAY for at least a few weeks. Put the effort in and I guarantee you'll see results.

    Don't expect immediate results and DO NOT treat it like a half-a**ed attempt because you have no confidence in yourself. The biggest reason you're going to fail is because you won't put in the effort that you and I both know you're capable of. The reason we don't is because when things fall apart, we can tell ourselves "well I wasn't even trying anyway". And they will fall apart because you didn't put in the effort to make them succeed. It's a shitty circle that took me some serious mistakes to break.

    Dude is right though, a huge part is the niche. You need to have a degree of demand for that topic. Other than that it's all you buddy. Consistency and treating it seriously.
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    Eh where did you read that one? Nowadays, you can expect from the most first-world countries 1 download = roughly 1$.
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    at the first time it was same to me
    i was thinking same
    but then i got 2000 downloads sometimes and it brought me good money
    the most important things are need a good and quality videos or files
    2.never tell a lie about your file need an attractive title
    4.generally upload at most 100mb files so you also use time better
    i wish i could help you