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How to make money online.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Figrole, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Figrole

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    Jan 8, 2017
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    Biscuit Isle, Tesco.
    Hey guys,

    I'm currently a college student and working part time in a retail store, which is the worst thing I can explain to anyone. Serious.

    I am a 100% noob to IM, but I know that instant gratification is a bad thing so I'm happy to put the work/time in for things. Gotta work to get. Not necessarily looking from an easy method.

    Basically long story short I am in the great position that I still live at home so I have little expenses (no rent etc) so I could survive on 50 bucks or less a day (transport to college etc).

    Currently to subsidise my retail job (shit pay) I'm doing a bit of ewhoring (won't go into detail lol) and that has got me making me in around €20 an hour on average - that's the thing though it's very very time consuming and can be extremely hit and miss, also no recurring revenue lol, unless start going towards CPA - but as I said I'm 100% noob, does anyone know of any good sires for CPA offers ? Usually can get in front of 60+ leads in an hour.

    Anyway so im starting to look into other methods to invest in that may be more ethical to help make €30-50 a day.

    To date I have experience with some things, but nothing that I'd be able to sell on Fiverr etc.

    I know there is a HUGE amount of information on this forum and I have been reading so much but a lot of it seems outdated / doesn't work (usually give things about a month of 100% commitment before make a call on it.)

    Currently at the moment trying to use social media free giveaways to get an email list up and running, thinking because source of free traffic and specialised to niche. Will report back on that - currently underway.
    However I have a friend that is in the email marketing game atm and he advised me that it's not the best to get into due to its unpredictability.
    Does anyone have any success in email marketing that could weigh in here ?

    Anyway guys any advice would be very much appreciated.

    TLDR; im in college, little expenses, bit of extra bank wouldn't be too bad, willing to put in work / possibly investment, what would you recommend?