How to make money online ? [ not that stupid question ]

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    Hi guys I'm new to this forum and I must say this place is awesome !
    I registered yesterday here but following this forum from few weeks.I see people are really helpful here and provide good guidance to all newbies.
    I see this topic every other day, 'how to make money online' , 'please its urgent' , 'fill my pockets with money quickly' lol and I know these topics
    pisses you guys off very badly :-D

    So, instead of doing this what I did, I read several topics and did a bit of research on making money online instead of spoon feeding.
    Now I need some help from you guys.I'm from India so Namaste ( Translation : Hello ) to all my country friends :)
    Here are some of my queries:

    1. I can see people make a lot of money through CPA / PPD and its a good earning source.
    So, what I did I saw how it works and registered for AdworkMedia and got accepted too ! but there are no good offers for India ?
    So can anyone tell me where can I register to earn money through CPA in India ? and some tips for the same as how can I make money out of it?

    2. I learned HTML and CSS and now I can make my own website, but please tell me how can I do it? I mean to say, I see people saying use Wordpress , blogs,
    use site , so what are all these ? and what is the basic difference between these ? which one is the best to use ?

    3. I see this everywhere, people recommend to use 'Google Adsense' on their website to earn money through ads. I searched for it and I know what google adsense is
    and how it works, but how can I make money out of it ? I mean do I need a limited amount of traffic before applying for adsense ? or I can just make my website
    and apply for it and they will accept it ? on what condition they will reject?

    4. What is this Scrapebox and how do you make money with it? I see people saying verified Google passed proxies what it is ? also please tell me
    what is the basic difference between HTTP proxy and Sock proxy ?

    Guys there are many questions revolving around my head and guys I'm really working hard to make money.
    I have some problems so I need money and I'm not being lazy and I'm ready to work really hard to earn.What I need is just a guidance from you experts
    and the right path to this newbie.Any help will be highly appreciated and I'm extremely sorry for making it long.

    Mods please move it to the right section if this is not the right place to ask and if I have done anything against rules , please accept my apologies for the same.
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    Huh its going to be hard. You are jumping in too many at the same time. If you know basic CSS & HTML, then its time to learn WordPress

    Install it locally and start playing. When you know the basics its time to make ur first blog and monetize it with what you want CPA or Adsense.

    Info about Adsense, CPA, Scrapebox you can find here just use the search function better.
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    Jun 19, 2013
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    Hi WPRipper,

    Thanks a lot for helping this moron.I'll check that tutorial mate and see how it goes.I have searched for CPA but couldn't find it for India.Also for Ad sense I'm not able to understand how exactly it works.
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    1. Use Templates with WP as the man says.
    2. You do not need offers for India work worldwide you will make more money.
    3. Get into YT+CPA/PPD method is the fastest way to some cash i am sure you can use the "search" option on the forum.
    4. Leave AdSense be for now you need legit traffic for that.
    Best of luck!
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    You've registered to adworkmedia, which is a CPA company. What CPA for India are you searching or why? It seems you are confused and trying to learn all at once.

    Mate, just build a wordpress site...put some content that people are looking for or wanting and monetize with PPD ( cleanfiles, fileice etc). This should be your start.
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    Hello man, first of all welcome, wish you plenty of success!

    1. You don't need just India offers, when you bring traffic to your website, plenty of other countries will visit, so don't worry about it. You just set your campaign on AdworkMedia and place a locker on your site. Your job is just to get traffic! :)

    2. Those are all platforms on which you can make site either free (sub-domain - example: in this case you are using their WordPress sub-domain because it's free) and if you want paid one you need to buy domain of course, that looks little more legitimate, but for you as a newbie sub-domains will be great for start, just place some content on your site and that's it :)

    3. Don't use AdSense, use CPA, monetize your niche site with offers from CPA networks, G can ban you or not pay when they don't like something on your site... And if you target India for AdSense your earning will be low, because it's a low paying country, and CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) will be very low in compare to USA CPM or some high paying country.

    4. For difference between HTTP and Socks proxy read this article

    If you need any more help, just write it :)

    Good luck!
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    You dont need to look for Indian cpa offers as its worthless and u wont be making any $$ out of it even any network offer. Focus on delivering US, UK, CA, AU and EU traffic for cpa offers once u start promotion. As for your other queries let me tell u my friend 'Google' aka the Big G is the Guru for all budding and pro marketers. Just input your query into it and hit the magic 'submit' button and viola you'll get tonnes of useful info..
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    Exactly as Mr.whitehat said you don't need to focus on Indian offer focus mainly on English and some specific non English nations.
    But it f you are a new into IM then I believe try playing with Adsence first but let me tell you Indian Adsence is pretty unstable.
    If you want to apply for an Adsence account it is advisable that you set up a single clean WP site,add pages of quality unique content (no copied please),get it indexed on Google follow up with some social exposure,gain some social traffic you can also start up with some basic level SEO to gain Organic traffic from Google searches and then apply for Adsence. That will be much more stable.
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    1. Doesn't matter what country YOU are from as long as you are accepted. You are going to promote niches to OTHER people in OTHER countries.

    2. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). Basically you have a complete system for login, comments, posts, plugins, themes etc. With HTML and CSS you would be able to make basic sites which depending on what you are doing is enough sometimes. The best one depends really on you, a big plus for HTML and CSS is that it doesn't require as much resources as WordPress do.

    3. Read their terms, they have a *strict* policy about what they are accepting, usually you want your blog/site up and running for a few weeks until you apply. AdSense is a PPC program, you have their ads on your site. When someone clicks they get paid from a company behind the ad and you get paid from them. Basic.

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