How to make money in college?

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    Next year I will be attending one of the biggest universities in America (51000 students), and I need a way to pay for my college tuition and room and board. At the age of 17 i have saved up approximately 10 grand, but that will only cover roughly 1/10th of the cost of my education So I am faced with the dilemma of accumulating enough funds to pay for my education. I will not graduate with debt.

    With my current capital of $10,000 how can I invest it into business ventures to generate a stream of income? Keep in mind that I can market toward college students on campus. I am open to both offline and online ventures. I was thinking of starting up an ebay hustle. I will buy used cellphones from local college kids using flyers, and using craigslist and mark them up and sell them on craigslist. there is always a constant demand for new generation cellphones. Or Or is there a better offline method?

    Also, for quick cash how is flipping new gadgets on ebay on craigslist? Such as buying the new IPAD 2 in February (5 units) and selling them on ebay? Would that generate a healthy profit? Should I avoid ebay all together?
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    Go to your local U-Haul moving center, and put up a flyer to help move peoples stuff. Put whatever you think you are worth, or put a base price on housing size.

    Sell weed in college.

    CL in college towns are pretty much fucked, not really a dime to be made by buying and flipping things. However, selling things on CL in a college town is nice.

    If you notice my name is eBayMafia, and if you go through my older posts you realize I've got more experience than 99% of everyone on eBay... and I wouldn't recommend it to you. It's time consuming, and unless you are getting your items for free, profit is usually minimal.

    Offer to make, print, and pass out flyers for local businesses. Tell the business owners you have access to the inside of colleges, and you'll make some money.

    Do freelance telemarketing. Google voice is all you need. Companies out there really need good sales people to work on complete commission. I know, because I'm one of them. Can't always outsource jobs like this to people with different accents.

    Cell phone thing is done to death. Everyone wants to be a cell phone hustler for some reason.

    Start a make-shift pizza business from your dorm room. You don't have to over complicate this, and I know people who do it and make good money. Sell by the slice, or sell the whole pizza for cheap. All you need is a decent recipe, cheap ingredients, and a personal pizza oven. I've seen it all done on just a little dorm fridge, small pizza oven on top, and a board ontop of that to prepare.

    If you dont mind waking up early in the morning, and if the town (which most likely does) have rules on the time cans have to be returned to the house and off of the alley, you an charge $1/week per can. Average is 3 cans, thats $12/mo per customer. Get about over 50 customers and you will be alright. I know someone in my hometown that does this, has over 400 customers.

    My favorite: Book reselling. Buy books for cheap, resell them on Amazon quick and easy for profit. I did this in college, and was making more than enough to put me through it. The school will not like this, so its best you do this if you have a small apartment.

    Become something like a CNA, it sucks, but they often can work around schedule's.
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    I second sell weed...
    2nd most important advice from me would be..... DON'T GET CAUGHT SELLING WEED.

    ///SORRY, i'm trying to earn money for college too :p
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    1. 2 kegs of beer
    2. Find a stream of the UFC fights (can be found here at BHW on date of fight)
    3. Promote Beer and UFC fight
    4. Charge cover
    5. Be careful

    You can also host poker games and charge rake. Just buy a six foot sub and some beer and host and it give you an excuse to charge rake.
    If you get some people that like to play and have some money coming regularly every week you can do pretty well. I wouldnt go much under $1/$2 small & big blind.
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    You actually find people to play $1/$2 games? Those are pretty big blinds for most college students. Of course I guess if you go to a rich school that wouldn't be a problem. You could always just host a $25 tourney style game and take $5 for "food and beverage" and profit on that...
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    I use to sell plasma and let med students experiment on me.
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    Haha wanted to say the same :D

    Or sell pussy.. that's the second best thing after weed at college :D
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    Which college? MSU?


    Anything else = BOO!
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    1. Don't smoke your weed.
    2. Don't get caught selling weed.
    3. Don't smoke your weed.

    Why don't you go to some Western Europe university ? They are respected and way cheaper.
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    Print off CPA offers for student loans, job placements or other things targetting students. Print a fuckload of them off and hand them out or leave them around the place.


    Make a site for the college. The college probably has a site already , make a fun one with games vids, maybe online dating in campus, buy and sell section lost and found, integrate facebook and twitter into it. Once you have it ready, mail the whole college and leave leaflets and posters around the place about it. Contact student councils so you can post partys,events etc... Or give different student bodies some administration setup. Then once the site gets popular, contact local and internal shops , restaurents etc and charge them for advertising. Also Im sure there is a ton of ways to monetize that.


    Give grinds,Become a pimp,Drugdeal,Offer a website making service for students