How to make a good Mindmap and the importance of them


Oct 17, 2012
I'm relatively new to the world of internet marketing, but I am not new to ideas. I've always loved just letting my ideas flow and mindmaps are great for this! Not to mention, they will always help you keep on track with your goals. Also, they will help you generate great marketing tactics and you might even come up with some profitable epiphany this way! In fact, that is how I created this post/article for you today!

I'm going to outline what makes a good mindmap/ how to do it efficiently and maximize your potential.

How do I make a useful mindmap?
  • Write a QUESTION in the center. Using a pen and paper or software. It doesn't matter.
    • Draw/make a line away from the main question and write it down. ANYTHING you think of.
    • General questions are great for this.
      • But get as detailed as you need to be for your cause.
  • Keep asking the question in your head.
    • Let the ideas come out by placing them on the map, then keep going with them by drawing more lines and bubbles. Keep'em flowing, in other words.
    • If you keep getting the same idea from the same question, then try rephrasing the question.
  • Don't allow yourself to get distracted.
    • Find a quiet room with minimal noise and soft lighting if possible.
    • Focus on the mindmap question; if you find yourself going off into a mental rant, then ask the question over and over in your head. Ideas will come. The brain loves giving you ideas.
  • Don't be afraid of mental silence!
    • The quietness of your mind in between thoughts is alright so don't worry about it!
    • Ideas will eventually start to slowly form.
    • If the silence carries on for too long [more than a few minutes] and you find yourself just getting distracted, then [as said] rephrase the question!
  • People want ideas you've actually thought through like this.
    • The farther you go into the thought the more 'creative' they are. Duh! :p
  • Write as much as you want to!
    • It doesn't need to be put into keywords to look better; the mindmap is for YOU!
    • Think of it more like a chain of journal entries documenting your thought process.
  • If you believe the thought is going too far:
    • When the thought is getting too detailed to use, then go back a step or just start at the main question again.
  • Quality over Quantity:
    • Answer your question as if someone were asking it to you.
    • That being said, don't be afraid to write your thoughts down!
  • Rephrase the question if you run low on ideas.
    • ​Keep it similar.
    • Example for the heading above all this: "What makes a mindmap useful?"
    • The point is to generate ideas rather than sit in silence for hours. That would be called Meditation! [which I also recommend]
  • Perfect organization is not necessary!
    • ​In fact, I'd AVOID IT! You're thinking deeply about something; you're not writing an essay for college. [but a mindmap for the aforementioned hypothetical essay would be useful :D]
  • You can edit other ideas after switching to another thought bubble.
    • Even after you've moved on, if you get a thought to add to another bubble go ahead and add it in! This is perfectly alright!
    • For example: Let's say I get a good idea for another bullet to add on 'Quality over Quantity' [above], I'm just going to do that now!
  • Editing/proofreading after you believe you're finished:
    • Don't do it. Unless you plan on moving on RIGHT NOW, then you're going to break your flow of ideas and start focusing on organization rather than the question.
  • Breaks are okay!
    • If ideas are getting stale and you believe you are forcing them at this point, then go ahead and take a break doing something else.
    • Not for too long!
    • Keep the idea in your head so the gears are still turning, even while smoking a cigg or making another cup of coffee.
  • Save Often.
    • Obviously this only applies to software. :amish:
    • Unexpected disasters happen and your thoughts are IMPORTANT!
    • I recommend saving after every major idea. [salutes Major Idea]
  • Stay Positive.
    • A positive mind creates the best ideas.
    • Relax! If you're getting mad or something is getting to you, then go ahead and take a break. This is better than rushing through and adding stuff angrily.
  • Clutter is okay!
    • It's alright if you have a lot of thoughts written down and it's getting a bit messy.
    • This is a good thing, in my opinion. After all, the point of the mindmap is to generate lots of ideas!
  • Realize you are never done.
    • You can't think of everything, but you can do your best! Keep returning to the main question at hand.
  • Ask why.
    • ​Ex: why are mindmaps useful?
    • This is a lot like the rephrasing the question step because it is! However, I gave 'why' it's own special bullet because the brain naturally wants to know why.
    • Keep asking why as you go on with your bubbles.
      • Keep adding bubbles if the thought keeps going further.
        • This helps to keep your brain flowing.
          • Why? Because I said so. :p
  • It doesn't have to make sense to an outside view!
    • This mindmap is for you and future you only. So stop worrying about how others will see/interpret it!
  • Unrelated great ideas:
    • ​These may pop up. Just throw them in a bubble all by themselves so you remember and then move on.

FINALLY! I have contributed something to my favorite forum. I am proud. I hope that everyone here can make use of this/understand it! I wish you all a million-dollars-worth of success and the best luck you've ever had.

Your friend who is always reading your posts,
Rawrface :p

p.s. I'd love if you tell me what you think in a reply. Did it help you? Anything you'd add for people reading this? Even if you just want to tell me how much I suck at make good posts; I'd love to hear it!
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