How To Lower Your Ebay Fees (No Gimmick, experience here)

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    Hey guys,

    I used to do high volume on Ebay but not anymore. Anyway, I figured I could give you some tips. You can lower your fees a bit more, but it will take some hoops. Regardless, it's worth it if your volume is high. Believe me. I hope this helps someone out there. If you have something better to add, feel free to post it. Here's the the things that I did:

    Basic methods:

    -Take advantage of the 50 free listings. If you have an extra account, you can use another 50 listings. Ebay doesn't care usually.
    -Don't use the Ebay store. Not very good business decision in my opinion.
    -Offer free shipping,always.

    Advanced methods (the good stuff):

    -Shut the fuck up and get a credit card that gives you cashback. Preferably above 1%. If you cannot get one/don't have one/don't want one, then apply for the PayPal debit card (1% cashback). If you want to build credit and get started, I suggest you get one a Student card with Capital One (cashback 1.25%). $300 limit but you can up your limit later.
    -Listen up, pay your fees with your credit/PP card.
    -When you buy your inventory, use your cashback card (if you can).
    -When you print your shipping label, withdraw all you PP money and use your cashback card. If you don't want to withdraw, head straight to the USPS/UPS/Fedex/shipping site and buy it directly with your card.
    If you use a credit card, pay it all off at the end of the billing cycle, so you don't get charged interest. DUrrrrrr.
    -As soon as you hit $3000 in gross sales, call PP ASAP and apply for a merchant rate. You can lower your rate to 2.5% when you hit $3000 gross. You only have to do this once.Afterwards the discount rates will apply automatically. Even if you don't have another 3k month, you wont have to apply again. If you hit 10k, you can lower it to 2.2
    -Apply for a ProPay account. It's $5 and the rate is 2.5% (for some accounts).

    So how all of this help? If you can buy your (or at least some of it) inventory with 2% cashback and the rest also(shipping label, fees), you can end up saving about 3%. Not bad.

    For those who do high volume, you need a credit card. I have one, for both personal and business.Love it.
    Also, If you're paying on time, after 3 months, ask your CC company if you can raise the credit limit. Mine did after 5 months. But I had to pay it off EVERY month. I was fine with it.

    For the highest cashback, checkout American Express and make sure there is NO annual fees. They are mostly geared toward businesses. I remember my dad once told he was on a business trip to China. On this big city, there was an American Express corporate office in which clients could consult their options and whatever financial needs. Anyway, my dad's company had an account with AMEX. He went there to get a local credit card opened on his account and he asked what the limit was and they said "No limit, infinite" 0_0. Mind you this was before 2008 crash (for those who are not US citizens, that's when the housing market and investment insurance companies crashed).

    Hope that helps.

    Blackhat BONUS:
    I did this about twice per month. DON"T DO IT OFTEN. AND SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DONT SCREW THIS UP. im serious. I dont want e b @ y to catch on it. anyway,
    about 3 weeks after any order, check your one of your buyer's feedback. Preferrably one with spaced out feedback. If you see one buyer makes purchases, say, once per month, attempt to cancel the transaction. Most of the time youll see the buyer not respond to the claim. So after 7 days you canncel it and get FVF back. And it doesnt affect the buyer bc he got his order. IF the buyer closes it (denies your claim) simply send him a polite message saying it was meant for another buyer. No biggie =). Then go after another buyer. This might save you, idk, 1%, in total per month. One month I got away with 12 of them. Lol, never did it again though (bc my business fell through, stupid paypal).

    Anyway, thats all i have to say.

    ??? Why are you still reading?

    What? Oh. You're sad?. Well, don't be sad. Imm leave you with a video so you can be happy about your life
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    This is a awesome share for me I use a couple of these but not all and I could be...

    Thanks and + Rep left...
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    Added one more tip! ;)
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    great tips there, im just about to set up my own ebay/amazon business, any tips help
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    Great tips, much better than the "host your own pictures hurr durr" you normally get.