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How to look like different windows computers beyond proxies. VMWare? Windows users? Cheap computers?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by OrangeOrchid, May 28, 2016.

  1. OrangeOrchid

    OrangeOrchid Newbie

    Sep 21, 2012
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    What is a reliable method to make my traffic look natural and like completely different people on different computers?

    Obviously proxies are the first step.

    But even if you are using good proxies, you have to worry about cookies and a million other weird things that can enable a host to connect you to previous traffic from a different IP address.

    Browser Incognito might do the trick? But then if you forget to use it once or twice, then your cover is blown (I would make that mistake eventually and so is the rest of the 3 people I'm doing this with). Also - the host can see that you are constantly using incognito because none of their cookies persist - which is not something that would happen with a typical user.

    Would using a separate windows user do the trick? Or is the physical machine's mac address of some other information getting sent with browser requests that is the same for all users?

    I thought of using VMWare, but then wouldn't you have to have a separate windows license per virtual machine? (assuming you didn't want to try and crack windows 10, which I don't want to do)

    I also thought of just buying a bunch of $90 PC sticks. But I need like 60 of these, so that's more money than I'd like to spend - and probably have to spend - plus the electricity cost would add up.

    My marketing team and I are trying to create 60 websites for our local service business (its like a mobile carpet cleaning service). We would like to appear to google as if we are 60 separate companies creating these websites - otherwise we believe these sites and their google places profiles will be penalized.

    When we access the google places profiles for these sites, we want to appear as if each google places account is being accessed from a unique computer.

    This would also be helpful for other stuff we do including Craigslist posting and review posting.

    Currently we do this by creating temporary windows servers on Rackspace and accessing them by remote deskop. However this is very tedious AND the cookies do not persist so our traffic looks somewhat unnatural.

    What are some "tried and true" ways to deal with this use case?