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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by hamd01, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Im currently in the process of designing a website and could use some advice.

    Im selling services for games consoles....and Im baffled as to how I should best lay things out.

    Ill be selling various services, but I guess the most generic term covering all of them would be "console modding". So I was planning to get a domain with "console modding" in the URL.

    I will then have various sub-pages, for example "console chips", so I'll have a URL off my main page with "console chips" in the URL. I'll have 3 different subsections in total.

    In each sub-section Im planning to target the keywords which I have researched. So in the "console chips" section I'll target the 3 best key phrases I can come up with which are elevant for console chips.

    Then, on my main page I'll have a link to each of the 3 sub-pages, and on my main page I will use the best key phrase from each of the sub the main page will contain 3 targetted key phrases.

    Im planning some sort of wordpress theme to put this all together.

    Can anyone advise if this sounds correct, as Im not sure if I should perhaps set up 3 seperate web-sites.

    Thanks guys.
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    Maybe add some links in the sub pages that relate to other subpages. Example: on your subpage about "Console Chips" have links to not only your main page, but also to other related subpages.