How to kill this guy?


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Jan 2, 2009
OK here we go - looking at the market samurai stats i should be killing this other squidoo lens but he has been out ranking me for weeks now - any idea why?

Sorry just venting a few frustrations - anybody got any good ideas what might be missing?



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I know of one good checker and it's Internet Business Promoter (IBP) and it's being shared here in the forum. It tells you exactly what needs to be done in order to SEO your web page.

Just do a search for SEO here in the forum, you'll find it.
One thing that might be a big issue is the age of the sites. If yours is much newer, then it won't necessarily overtake his even if you appear to be crushing him elsewhere.
357 links is all good but are they from decent sites and is the anchor text optimised for that search term? Do some backlink analysis just to see what is happening. I think you will get past him eventually, it might just take some time for Google to find all of your links. It is a lot slower than Yahoo. Have a look at your link count in Webmaster Tools to see what ones Google has found.
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