How to install cracked windows server 2008 remotely

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by ThreadKiller, Jun 16, 2012.

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    So I am again getting a dedicated server. I am thinking I should get a Linux server (cheaper) and somehow install a cracked version of Windows server 2008 on it and use it as the main boot. Yes, I am cheap, the extra 25 euro a month is something I want to avoid.

    How would I be able to do this remotely? Is it difficult or a piece of cake? It's not like I would be able to pop a DVD into the server. The hosting companies I have in mind are either Hetzner or Server4you.
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    A crack usually does not alter the software, in this case it would provide you with a license key that would be entered during install. Install would be done just as normal, if done by server center you can provide license key to them.
    Another money saving way to get windows server is by buying an outdated server with no HD or Ram for CHEAP on ebay that has a COA for 03 or 08 on it.
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