How to improve my web design?

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    I've been seeing a lot of threads (not just here) lately asking for advice on how to improve web design in some form or another, and thought that I would take the time to add my two cents based on my own experiences with clients.

    1. First and foremost, one needs to realize that everything requires constant striving for improvement. Do not stop looking for ways to update and upgrade your website.

    2. Simplicity can speak kilometers to a meter of bundled complication. Strive for clarity, ease of use, and aesthetic value. Often times, you may find that less is more in these areas. Be precise about your site's features and cut out anything that doesn't actually help your user.

    3. Scour your userbase for any signs of fans and customers that would be happy to help design for the site pro bono or for very little. Often times, you may find that a simple but interesting contest can be run to generate samples, with the prize winner having their design portion displayed and used as well as a sample prize of your product.

    4. Try to brainstorm as many features as possible before designing to cut down on design costs. The more you know in the beginning means a much lower chance of colliding code, and often times can mean a reduced design time overall.

    5. Research the competition. What do your peers offer that you do not? What do you offer that your peers do not? Compare and contrast, and you may find simple things to add to set you out and above the rest.

    6. Above all else, pay attention to your user. If possible, survey them and solicit them for comments/suggestions/complaints. After all, your site might look good to you and have all of the features that you think it would need to interact with your product, but what if your users think otherwise? You won't know unless you ask them, usually.

    If you have anything to add, feel free!