How to hide your ass?


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Apr 7, 2010
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So, more I read various bh techniques, clearer to me that you need to burry yourself deeply :) Well, may be not so, but i am still curious... Almost like a sport...
Originally posted in white hat forum, by mistake. reposting.

So, if one wants to be untraceable, would these steps be sufficient?

- get anonimous credit card (where?)
- associate it with a new PayPal account
- with it buy VPN (what is the best/cheapest one)? Do you really need to go that far if you do blackhat?
- with that buy private proxies
- with that open a new account and buy domains
- with that buy hosting
- with that buy anything relevant to online marketing
- use nicknames, nonexisting emails

Now, when you resister to an account (any) you need email verification - and emails can be traced... How to avoid it?

What else did I forget?
You seem overly cautious. Its not like you are dealing coke here and unless you involve in something really stupid (likeCP etc) you should be safe. Then again, if you are going to use for parasite hosting nothing of that will be enough anyway :D Just use common sense - assess the risks you are taking and protect yourself accordingly.
yes, but if you experiment with something and actually do something stupid (hey, we all do once in a while), then things can happen.

i want to make sure that domains i own, software i buy etc... all that is untracable data...
Start a new email account obviously. Emails can be traced because the header information contains your IP address, but if you have a VPN active while sending it, they can't trace the emails.

Don't forget to look up Flash Cookies!
Also, get a skype number via someone else's name and use that for phone verification.
I would be cautious. Those idiots at DP probably thought CS was just blackhat. I would've wised up after the first couple million and went deep, but they didn't and they're looking at how many years? Just as a matter of course, I keep my LLC's , my money, and everything I possibly can as covert as I can. Times and methods change quickly. What seemed slightly bent today can have warrants being issued tomorrow.
Those idiots at DP probably thought CS was just blackhat.

what CS and DP are you referring to? I guess some publicized legal case?

I keep my LLC's , my money, and everything I possibly can as covert as I can.

yes.. how?

email... each email is attached to an alternative email for verification.. easily traceable.
even i register it with a proxy, right? and then the rest is as 1,2,3...
what CS and DP are you referring to? I guess some publicized legal case?

DP = Dpoint...
CS = cookiest...

Funny how none of you have mentioned IBCs, offshore bank accounts, trusts and diplomatic passports :)
we just didn't get to that yet :)
so, keep talking ;-) we are listening...
We're not allowed to discuss cs or dp here, and that's because a site as huge and open as this, has people from all walks of life trolling around. Maybe Go%gle or Eb@y or even Am@zon. Many of the tricks and tips here seem harmless to most of us, but the big companies who think they own the internet might see it as us steering traffic and their dollars away from them and , us siphoning off a little for ourselves in return. Take something as harmless as an amazon autoblog. We think of it as a simple way to direct people to amazon products they need. But amazon might think of it as us interjecting ourselves in the middle of a sale they we're going to get anyway. Harmless today but people who have been here awhile will tell you some things change really quickly. Just look at the list of things that we're once hot topics on here and can now no longer even be mentioned to see what I mean. I can think of a half dozen no-no topics off the top of my head. So cover your tracks today, so you don't scramble tomorrow. And for all our overseas brothers, don't think that the laws you have now, can't be changed by giant overseas corporations. The pressure they can bring is enormous, just plan ahead.
You don't need a anonym paypal acc or creditcard to buy things like vpn anonym. Just use Ukash or paysafecard, if that is possible in the country where you are from.
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