how to have a protected pc(for free)

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    to secure your pc you will need a:
    -key scrambler(optional)

    -antivirus:a antivirus is vital for your pc protection,it prevent malwares,virus and bad programs from entering your computer and do illegal actions.they are also antvirus that detect PUP(potantial unwanted program)which is a software that install stuff you don't need or send you ads.the best free antivirus(in my opinion) are :Avast free antivirus and avira because they don't use much RAM while running and whille scanning your pc and they have regular updates and they detect PUP

    -firewall:first you need to know what is port;a port is like a physical place in your pc that let you connect to the internet,most pc have too much ports and the most of them can be used by hackers to hack your pc.The firewall control these ports and protect your pc from virus(in case the antivirus didn't detect the virus). i can suggest to you comodo firewall and zonealarm

    -vpn:the vpn(Virtual Private Network)is a software that provide secure and encrypted connection between your and the internet so no one can steal your data while surfing the internet.You can use the vpn at home to secure your connection and you must use it at public place like restaurants,parks,.. because they may be hackers who want to steal your data and use it like your facebook password or your credit card number
    All the vpn are the same because they all encrypt your data,so make your own choice(you can use paid and free vpn because they are the same)

    -key scrambler:this is a software that encrypt what you write on your keyboard because they are a kind of virus(keylogger)that spy on your keyboard and record everything you do,but if you use key scrambler,it will encrypt your typping
    example:if your typing your email adresse:[email protected]"and you have a virus on your pc,the hacker will see it,but with key scrambler it will appear "[email protected]@"

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