How to Get Your Facebook Ads CPC Down After it Rises

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    Hey guys! This will be a short thread but I hope it'll be useful to some.

    So you're running a Facebook Ads campaign, and after a few weeks your CPC goes from $0.1 to $0.15, your ROI goes low, and you almost drop the campaign. However, there are a few things you can do to get it back down and keep the campaign running and profitable.

    First, let me explain what usually happens. I believe that when you run the campaign for a while (and especially on small audiences,) some of your audience will have seen the ad already. As a result, the CTR will drop, causing the CPC to rise. Now what can you do?

    Here are two options anyone can implement:
    1- Change the ad. Split test different headlines and images, see what gets you an even lower CPC while maintaining the same traffic quality.
    2- Change the audience. This generally works on broad audiences. Suppose you're targeting an audience with the interest of a specific artist (assuming your offer is not related to him but to his follower's demographics.) You can change the interests to another artist of the same genre, and you could get similar results for a lower CPC.

    Hope this is useful, and have a nice day!
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