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How to get verified.

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by xferalz, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. xferalz

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    Dec 27, 2012
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    I'll probably get banned for sharing this information.

    Theres many ways you can get verified on twitter but first let me tell you this.

    Follower count is irrelevant -
    Amount of tweets is irrelevant -
    (Don't believe me? Go through twitters verified account followings)

    Ok so first. You can get verified in many different ways.
    As you already know, twitters current way of verifying accounts is terribly stupid.
    Most people would tell you that you need to be popular in order to be verified... This is completely false and is the main reason why people can't get verified in the first place.

    In twitter there is a huge different between popular and relevance.
    You could have 500k followers but only have 2% engage in your tweets.
    You could have 100k followers earned through third party services such as Addmefast but still not have any actual followers. Or you could have 1 million fake followers. It doesn't matter.

    Here a few ways twitter decides on who to verify.

    Company/Agency/Record Label -

    This method is the most straight forward. Most big company's have business partnerships with twitter and other social media sites to provide verification for their staff. I don't know exactly how this works. But it's usually something that's automatic and proceeded by the company and twitter themselves. These accounts are usually verified from the start when they are created.

    Insider algorithm

    I call this the insider algothrim. This is when groups of verified users in the same niche, eg. Music, start to follow the unverified user (you in that case). For example. Drake Kanye West Jayz and more start to follow you. If you're in same niche as them, this will raise twitters awareness of your account and increase your chances of getting verified ten fold. You wouldn't know when twitter will be reviewing your account so the best thing is to make your profile to look professional. The point of this shows you're of importance In that specific niche.

    Outsider algorithm

    Similar to the inside version, but is dependant on sources outside twitter. This would be harder to explain. Ok so. For example a teenage boy made a person twitter. A couple months after he starts making headline news as he turns out to have the highest iq in history. He begins to make headline news more often and gets more publicity online through articles. This will effectively raise twitters awareness as well, depending on the impact. At this point it's between Twitter to find out his real account so they can verify him.

    Rapid growth

    If twitter see that your growing rapidly and your engagement is increasing in a natural but rapid way, this will also raise twitters flags. Allowing them to review and see what your account is all about. This usually happens with famous youtubers who decide to make twitters. Having their fans flock and follow them.

    Twitter Ads

    This one is simple, the more you spend on ads and use them. The more chance of raising twitters verification flag.

    Ok. So now you understand.
    Your best bet to get verified is to attach yourself to some company who's staff/employes are verified. This may be easier for music artists who are unsigned and willing to sign to a record label.
    Other than that.
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  2. McNultymusic

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    Dec 2, 2012
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    Dec 14, 2014
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  4. back2basics

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    Nov 11, 2012
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    You basically in way too many words said, be someone important/famous to get verified. That's not exactly some illuminati level secret. I'm sure this will be moved to jr vip section any second now :p