How to get URL indexed?


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Aug 18, 2013
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Hello I recently purchased a domain and the website is finished etc., its been about 2 weeks now and when i google it doesn't show up on google it does on yahoo and bing but not google? Does anyone know what could be the problem or know of a way to get it indexed thank you! I tried pointed 1 or 2 high pr links at it but haven't seen anything yet.
Have you signed up for Google Webmaster Tools and added your site? That should help it get indexed, and you can see if/when the Google crawler hits it.
Good idea i haven't yet i will set that up now!
Did you check it if it's not blacklisted? Hopefully that's not the case.
yea i looked at it seemed to be fine when someone had it before there was only like 100 links seemed to be a decent link profile I'm just not sure why it would be showing up
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