How to get traffic without Google (kind of)!


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Jul 30, 2010
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Ok, I am pretty good with SEO or at least I think I am but I do get sick of the endless link building and waiting for big G to take notice.

I have recently started up a new site in a fairly competitive niche ( and I have been thinking of ways that I can generate traffic other than SEO.

So... without taking into account anything to do with SEO, here is my list in no particular order:

Maybe we can all help each other out by adding to this list and making it comprehensive. (I'm thinking that we can brainstorm here so don't slate me if some of the ideas are rubbish)

- Buy Facebook accounts with friends and send out messages and offers.

- Buy the visitors with Facebook adds, media buying (or even adwords I suppose)

- Buy expired domain traffic

- Posting Yahoo Answers (Actually being helpful)

- Posting free classified ads

- Start an affiliate scheme (not easy if you don't have a product of your own)

- Set up Google alerts for your keywords and get in early on discussions about your topic with good advice.
This goes together with finding relevant forums and taking part in the discussions there.

- Create exerpts of all of your content and post to rss, article sites, web 2.0 etc.

- Make PDF's, videos, exe's, presentations etc out of your content and syndicate to relevant sites

- Do Article marketing and video marketing with quality content

- Create web 2.0 properties around your neiche and build them up.

Ill add more as I think of them.

Any ideas?
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Had another idea to add.

Offline, you could get flyers created and leave them in bars, clubs and events or shops if appropriate.

You could contact ecomnerce site owners and offer them. A share in the affiliate sales to do a blast to their list. The (bit more complicated)
-Upload youtube videos with your link
-join forums discuss and have link in your signature
-Comment on relad blogs with your link
-buy links from sites in your niche
.... list is endless
If you have money to spend..

do a media buy
media buys have more traffic than google.
Nice suggestions guys.


Facebook page
and posting on twitter
Put targeted picture on your twitter account and choose a targeted name. if you follow targeted people, they will follow back to you.. (not all, but a large part) for example; if you have a diet site/offer/product, make an account on twitter and choose your name as "Diet Expert" .. follow people who tweets like "I want to lose weight", "why I'm fat", "I need a diet plan"..... you can find these type tweets using twitter search function.

tweet your site/offer/product link when you reach at least 1000 followers. This is the good way for free, easy and targeted traffic.

if you hate manually following, then you can download this free twitter auto-following software ... But be careful! follow at most 200 people everyday. otherwise twitter may ban you...

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